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This web site has two main themes: Japan and the United Kingdom. The two are admittedly strange bedfellows. If there ever did exist some kind of Japanese-British geopolitical axis in history, it's unlikely anybody noticed. If somebody did notice, interest has certainly flagged now that China's economy has eclipsed Japan's and post-imperial Britain continues what author Ian Buruma calls its "giggling slide into the sea."

Maybe I'm the only person who keeps Japan and the UK firmly in mind at all times. After living in Japan and writing about its business, society and culture for more than a decade, I can't help feeling sentimental about that rusty old juggernaut. My career has taken me to London, whose jumble of cultures and languages makes it surely one of the most interesting places on Earth--faded glory notwithstanding.

My passion for the two lands--and that same passion felt by fellow contributors--is what Pripix.com is all about. Japan content dates back to 2002, when I first launched Pripix. UK material kicks off in 2010, when I revived the website after a hiatus.


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